Hate School

At SIP we have a range of important tips for parents under pressure from teenagers wanting to leave school. Realistically it’s tough out there and low skilled teenagers are very vulnerable to economic swings. Please consider the following advice when talking with your teenagers…

In the 1990s recession youth unemployment in parts of Penrith  hit 35.2%. Add in under- employment for those barely getting any shifts and you can double the number.

Teenagers often think life will be better outside of school, but all too often we find the same problems dogging them at school re-emerge in the workplace. If you are having trouble at school the first step is to seek help from the Year or Career Adviser.

Sadly too many teenagers leave to take up jobs that vanish once they get older and their wage rate goes up. Traineeships and apprenticeships are a better bet because they contain training that increases your value to the employer, keeping you ahead of the annual wage rises.

If you as a parent are under pressure to cut a deal to leave school we strongly recommend you add two cast iron conditions:

1.       If you lose your job for ANY reason, its straight back to school or TAFE. Not the couch or the Xbox. Days turn into weeks in what feels like minutes.

2.       Suck it up- You NEVER leave one job before you have the next one firmly in place. Impulsive teenagers often chuck in the job because the employer said boo to them. In truth they may have the supervisor from hell, or maybe, just maybe they started using that tone of voice, roll of the eyes or bad body language in the work place and can’t understand why the supervisor has lost patience with them…

Sadly we have seen hundreds of teenagers flounder in the labour market, especially if they are a little immature or have a poor attitude.

There are options, especially in years 11 and 12, such as part time school mixed with TAFE or part time work. So please seek professional guidance before rushing into a decision that may not prove to be the future you were seeking.

If you have an early school leaver that is now unemployed, or barely getting any work you may like to look at our Transition to Work service. It’s an alternative to jobactive and helps with real employment.