The Schools Industry Partnership  (SIP) works with hundreds of volunteer employers and specialist trainers to genuinely prepare young people for the world of work.

paraPopPurple40pxWe use real employers and real workplaces to ensure young people learn the right skills to succeed in careers they are committed to.

paraPopYellow40pxSIP is funded by the Federal Government as a Transition to Work (TtW) provider for Western Sydney. Therefore our employment services are free to young people and employers alike.

paraPopRed40pxWe like to partner with employers to ensure young people are genuinely work ready to meet the requirements of your business, or your industry.

paraPopGreen40pxWe prepare our young people to respect that time is money and that must be productive to advance in any job. Its really this simple: “Have I made a profit for my employer today?”

paraPopBlue40pxSustainable employment must be profitable employment. But naturally it can take a while to learn the ropes in any new position.

paraPopGreen40pxThat’s why in some cases SIP, may assist you, the employer with subsidies for wages and training costs.

paraPopPurple40pxIn addition we remain in contact with the young person and employer as needed to make sure everything is running smoothly and working out as planned.

paraPopYellow40pxEmploying a young person out of the TtW service plays a vital role in tackling the youth unemployment and gives a young person a chance for a more fruitful life.

It takes a village to raise a child. – African proverb”

As a community we can all help prepare the next generation for success in the workplace.

paraPopRed40pxYou may not be ready to directly employ a young person, but we would still welcome your help to inspire young people about your industry.

Your real life experience and advice could prove invaluable to those seeking work, inspiring the future of young people and therefore the future of our community.

If you’re keen to have one of our young participants on board, contact us today.sip+ttwlogo