Transition to Work (TtW) is a training and employment service for young people aged 15-21. Funded by the Federal Government, within TtW young people get intensive pre-employment support to help them set and achieve their employment and education goals.

19884449_1888820391438565_5894579560346905825_nAt SIP we believe every young person has a gift or talent inside them that is the perfect fit for an employer or industry.  The young people that come to us for Transition to Work are matched up with a personal coach that helps them overcome barriers along the way, as well as book them into relative workshops, experiential learning, find them work experience or providing them with necessary work gear.

TtW is focused on building a young person’s skills, confidence and readiness to enter employment, so they’re able to leave with skills for a sustainable and profitable future. Young people in the service are able to develop practical skills, do work experience, connect with education or training, find local job opportunities and connect with relevant local services. Young people eligible for the service are aged 15-21, have been unemployed for at least 13 weeks and are currently receiving an income support payment. If you’re not receiving benefits but want some help getting a job, check out our SS&H service!


At SIP we’ve been working with young people,  schools, and our community for over 20 years, and have a strong legacy of helping young people find sustainable employment. Our young people graduate TtW with pre-employment skills relevant to their industry interest plus other experience and support for them in their first 6-months on the job. Some employers who take on TtW participants may be eligible for wage subsidies.

Want more information about TtW? Call 1800 912 611 or contact us.