1# Get a good sleep the night before (9 hours).

2# Eat a good breakfast before you go.

3# Be punctual – early!

4# Dress appropriately.

5# Take care of your personal hygiene and grooming.

6# Don’t smoke, chew gum or eat during the interview.

7# Switch your mobile phone off, not silent.

8# Be polite, courteous and friendly to all support staff.

9# When meeting the interviewer or interview panel:

  • Smile
  • Extend a firm handshake
  • Share eye contact with everyone
  • Only sit when asked to do so

10# Take a quiet breath and little pause to gain valuable thinking time so you don’t rush your answers.

11# Remember the importance of body language throughout the interview (both yours and the interviewers’).

12# Don’t fidget.

13# Be pleasant, friendly, warm and polite.

14# Don’t ever volunteer negative information to the interviewer no matter how friendly or disarming the conversation becomes.

15# Express your genuine interest in the position.

Bonus Tips

Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions if you are not 100% sure.

Some people suggest that you should have three or four questions ready to ask when you go to an interview.

If they have a website, perhaps you could ask a question, or complement them on something you liked as this shows you have an interest in the organisation.

It’s often worthwhile to send an email or write a letter thanking the interviewer for the opportunity to be interviewed.

Perhaps if the choice is close between you and another candidate this letter could swing the decision in your favour – remember to be genuine!