Want to inspire and educate young people to have meaningful careers? Work placement is for you!

Hosting work placement students assists in reducing youth unemployment and creating productive, skilled workers for the future of your industry. Being a host for work placement enables you to help our youth, be a vital part of the community and give back to your industry!

Work Placement students are studying vocational courses as a part of the HSC and are aged somewhere between 16 and 19. They learn relative industry skills and knowledge in class, but require placement to provide them with real experience and expand their skill range.

Work Placement requires 35 hours commitment, usually over one full-time week. Placements happen throughout the year, so if you are able, you have the opportunity to host multiple students at different times.

Students on placement are classified as voluntary workers and therefore do not require payment for their time in your workplace. Insurance is covered through the NSW Department of Education, school and or TAFE.

Set yourself up for success by making a plan for your student and appointing a supervisor to be in charge of them. Make sure your other staff know what’s happening so the can understand the purpose of the placement too!

If you get time, talking about your own career or industry experience helps inspire students and give them an insight into the industry through someone experienced.

If you’re keen to have one of our students on board, contact us today.