If you know a Western Sydney employer willing to host students like you, please send us their contact details at least a month beforehand. We will contact them and arrange all the paperwork and legal stuff for you. Easy as!

Please ensure that the employer expects to be contacted by one of the very nice people from the “Schools Industry Partnership”. It’s not your teachers job. They have enough on their plate.

We have thousands of students to place and can only try 3 times with a smile to complete the paperwork with the employer. If the paperwork is not completed to meet all legal requirements the placement cannot proceed! Ouch.

Alternatively you can ask the employer to fill in and sign the Host Employer Form and supply them a copy of the Employer Guide. Most employers are very busy people, so make sure they know the paperwork needs to be back a month beforehand to be safe. This makes sure you are covered by your school’s insurance during your placement.

Along with the Host Employer Form comes the Employer Guide. This guide introduces the employer to the concepts of workplace learning and explains everything the employer needs to know regarding hosting a work placement student.

Contact us in regard to the Host Employer Form and see the Employer Guide below.

Employer Guide 2016