Take a Step Forward In Your Employment Journey

We offer FREE personalised job coaching and support for 15-24 year olds to become more skilled, confident and employable.

Finding your first job, or even your next job, is hard

Let’s face it – things are easier with money. The things we want all cost – clothes, cars, holidays or even just hanging out with friends.

If we want it all, it starts with getting a job to make money.

But nothing prepares us for how hard it is to find a job. Other people have more qualifications or experience than you do, are better in job interviews, and you are passed over for all the jobs you want.

So after all of the rejection, it becomes easy to stay at home or hang out with your friends that can’t find work either.

But you know you aren’t getting anywhere.

Youth Transitions at Schools Industry Partnership is a free service designed to help young people between 15-24 years old get a job they want!

We have a plan for your success

Since 2016, through government funding, we have helped over 1000 young adults become more skilled so they could apply with confidence for jobs they would enjoy.

Get a Plan

A conversation with your job coach to discover; where you are now, where you want to be and what it will take to get there!

Get Prepared

Gain the skills you need through workshops and training, overcome barriers keeping you from getting a job, and confidence and learn how to leverage your strengths!

Get Hired

Go through work experience, job application support, get help with interviews and more personalised coaching to help you win that job!

Get Secure

Your coach sticks with you through the first 6 months of your new job, with personal support and coaching to help you settle in for the future.



“At the start of my journey I was unemployed, I had no self-esteem, I was bumming around not caring about how my life would turn out. I am now an Administrative Assistant. I love my job. I feel so proud of myself for achieving this position. Without the care and support from all the coaches at Schools Industry I would not be where I am today. ”

– Gemma

Is this for you?

The government funding we use to provide our service is funded through two separate government programs. The service we offer is the same regardless of the program you qualify for.

You just need to fit 4 simple criteria.

  • You are 15-24 years old
  • Looking for work or underemployed
  • Not in school or looking to leave
  • You would like to find work and be more independent

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