Your placement is organised, the date is set, you know how you’ll get there and what to bring – but what do you wear?

What you wear makes a big impression about who you are, in work and other aspects of life.

The way you wear your uniform at schools says something about who you are, who your friends are and often what you act like in class.

The workplace is no different! Dressing to impress your employer is an important part of work placement.

Understanding the value of a clean uniform or an appropriate office outfit is a skill that will serve you in your future career or study.

Give yourself a step up before you even start placement by preparing yourself to make a good impression! Iron your clothes, wash your face, wear proper shoes and don’t wear excessive jewellery.

Most employers provide specific dress code instructions on the the Student Placement Record (permission paperwork) as supplied by your school.

You should also phone your host employer on the Tuesday prior to placement, unless instructed otherwise. You should confirm the address, start time and what to wear or bring.

Always take on board what your particular workplace instructs, not all supervisors have the same dress code! Download information about specific industry dress codes here.