We’re the connection between young people and employers – and are uniquely positioned to recruit for you for free!

With our fingertips on the pulse of young people looking to break into multiple industries, connect with SIP to have access to young people and grow your business. Choose from our three programs to best suit your needs!

Transition to Work is an initiative of the Australian Government, for unemployed young people aged 15-21 to get them into to work or further training. Since beginning the service in May, over 35% of our participants have successfully found sustainable work or gone on to further study. Our young people are eager to work and can undertake training so as to be the perfect employee for your workplace.

Our service takes young people through a series of employability skills and experienced based learning. Participants often undertake work experience or training before moving smoothly into employment. Learn more about our service here.

Work Placement runs year-long and and involves hosting high-school vocational students from years 11 and 12 for week long blocks for free. Gain access to the up and coming in the industry and recruit the best and brightest for your industry throughout the year!

About a quarter of work placement students get job offers following their placement. Many of our hosts have been with us for years, and get a range of different benefits on top of recruitment for hosting students. Learn more about hosting here.

Inspiring the Future Australia is a national campaign that connects teachers and volunteers from the world of work. All you need is one hour a year spare to talk to young people about your career, and you can inspire the future generation.

Sign up to the platform and connect with teachers to go into schools and share your career story with students. You don’t have to be a great speaker with an amazing story, Inspiring the Future activities include helping with mock interviews, attending careers fairs or taking part in career speed networking. Learn more about joining with Inspiring the Future here.