At Schools Industry Partnership (SIP) we believe every young person has a gift or talent inside them and we want to empower them to shine. We have over 20 years’ experience connecting young people, businesses and people from the world of work to inspire young people to reach their full potential.

Today, our focus is on creating sustainable futures for young people and enabling passionate and experienced people from all different industries to contribute to the beginning of career stories all over Australia. We’re a registered charity based in Western Sydney working to support young people through education and towards employment. We bring purpose and meaning to education through targeting partnerships between employers, schools and the community.

Everyone has a story, and your authentic experience has the ability to broaden the horizons and raise the aspirations of young people. Currently, SIP is a provider of the Work Placement program, the Transition to Work service, the Smart Skilled & Hired Youth Employment Program and runs the campaign Inspiring the Future. Since its inception SIP has successfully coordinated the Work Placement program, proudly placing over 50,000 students, as well as directly helping hundreds of young people into employment. SIP is also pleased to see great success in its other programs and services, with over 200 successful placements for our employment services and over 500 users signed up on Inspiring the Future.

We have a variety of partners and supporters who help us in our mission to inspire young people.

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