21 Ways to get an Apprenticeship

Download the flyer  and follow the tips on this page and your chances of finding an employer with an Apprenticeship or Traineeship will sky rocket!

On any single day dozens of local employers will be looking to hire a young person. Your challenge is to find those employers.

You will need to be determined. Use all 21 ways on the downloaded leaflet if you can, as this multiplies your chances dramatically.

21-ways-to-find-an-apprenticeship-v4-smallTip 1. The classic rookie mistake is to stop job searching because you found one employer who sounded promising… Fingers crossed it will play out for you. on the other hand you may wait and wait and never have a call.  So never stop job searching until you have a guaranteed start date!

Tip 2. Don’t be lazy and cherry pick one or two job methods. Hit it hard. Use all the methods if you can and keep repeating them every day until your hard work pays off. If you are unemployed: Your job is to work at getting a job. So give it at least 5 hours a day of effort.

Tip 3. If you’re under 21 years old and need help our Transition to Work program runs in the Penrith, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury regions. Our Coaches are experts at helping young people into work. Best of all its free *.

*  Some eligibility rules apply, such as being an Australian Citizen, so its best to pop in and just tell us your story and see how we can help.

Download 21 Ways to get an Apprenticeship (PDF format)