For Employers

Many employers tell us they are looking for young people with a spring in their step, and spark in their eyes. At SIP we work with thousands of employers and understand that employers need young people who can quickly learn the ropes and make a dollar. That’s why we invest the time and energy to specifically train young people in Employers Expectations and the unwritten rules of work.

When hosting a TtW participant for work experience or employing them in a paid position, TtW staff are there to provide ongoing support for both employers and young people in order to make it a smooth and positive experience for all concerned.

Who We are keen to work with all local employers, but especially in support of Traineeships or apprenticeships.

What Sustainable employment must be profitable employment. To achieve this we take the time to learn your requirements.

Perhaps we can assist further by blending your requirements into our pre-employment training or ensuring potential job applicants have the personal attributes , prerequisite skills and qualifications required for success.

Of course not every young person will instantly have the skills to be profitable quickly. In such cases SIP may assist the employer with subsidies for wages. In addition we remain in contact with the young person and employer as needed to make sure everything is running smoothly and working out as planned.

Why Employing a young person out of the TtW service plays a vital role in tackling the broader issue of youth unemployment and gives a younger person a chance for a more fruitful life.