When I started with SIP I had absolutely no intentions of finding work, all I wanted to do was stay at home and binge watch Television shows and never leave the house.

I had severely high anxiety and I did not enjoy going out and meeting new people. I had no drive in life, I had no ambition or any dreams to become someone. I enjoyed being a bum around the house feeling sorry for myself and honestly it was disgusting.

After a few months past, the workshops were changing me as a person. I was becoming more motivated to do things with my life. I started thinking of fields of work I thought I’d be interested in.

The team at Youth Transitions never once pushed me to do something I truly wasn’t comfortable in doing, but they did push me to my limits and were there for me every step of the way. I am now a Administrative Assistant at ATS Awnings and Additions. I love my job, I feel so proud of myself for achieving this position.

Being in an office all day isn’t the easiest or most fun place to be but I’m surrounded by lovely people and the working environment is what I love. Without the care and support of all the team at SIP Youth Transitions, I would not be earning 3 times the money I was on Centrelink and I wouldn’t be now saving for a new car.

― Gemma Youth Transitions Participant