Work Inspiration is an employer-led campaign that aims to ensure that young Australians’ first experience of the world of work is meaningful and inspiring. It is a framework for the career development of young people involving a combination of hands-on experiences, career conversations between students and adults in the workforce, and student reflections and feedback.

Work Inspiration enables employers to use their expertise and creativity to design a program of career and work related activities and conversations that suit their individual circumstances and those of the young people involved.

Work Inspiration is a flexible, free and effective model of career development, work based learning and employability skills development for young people. The essential core of the framework is three insights:

  1. All about Me: Discovering the young person’s passions and interests as the starting point to provide an inspiring first experience of the world of work.
  2. Look behind the Scenes: Introducing young people to the wide variety and scope of different jobs and roles in any business or organisation.
  3. Careers Happen: Bringing alive for young people how careers unfold and how their first job can be the start of their journey.

Our kids need your help!! 

Work Inspirations III

Take the lead, play your part and become more strategic in your collaboration with schools so Australia can generate:

  • Successful transitions from school to work by young people
  • Career development opportunities for young people
  • Stronger more strategic partnerships between employers and schools, leading to vocational learning and more positive pathways for young people

Work Inspiration can relate to a number of your core business objectives, including ensuring a recruitment pipeline, industry profile, employee management and staff engagement and a sense of satisfaction validated through a reflection of their own career journey.

Large corporates including the National Australia Bank, McDonalds’ and Stocklands are already on board and now focusing on expanding their pilot programs nationally.

So what are you waiting for?

Jump on board now and ensure that our young people gain the insights and skills to navigate the worlds of learning and work and to shape their career pathways.

Visit The Smith Family’s  Work Inspiration website to learn more and get involved.