The value of Work Placement can be seen for both students and the employers who host them. Not only does Work Placement show students a real workplace and give them a taste of industry, but it enables employers and workers who have years of experience to share their knowledge and passion for their work.

7 EDIT BLog ArticleLast week we had the privilege of visiting one of our valued host employers, All Metal Products in St Mary’s. We were given a grand tour of their incredible factory, and taken through the general structure they put their work placement students through.

“The first thing I ask them is if they can read,” supervisor Daryl Williams explains, “or if they’d like me to go through it with them, then they read the conditions and sign it.” The next part of the student induction is a tour of All Metal’s itself. The venue is no small affair, with multiple large hanger style rooms housing countless machines and tools to bend, slice, press and shape metal into whatever is commissioned.

“The past 3 days I’ve been cutting the parts for strainers for, I think, KFC gravy. We can make most things you need,” Daryl says, sweeping his hand in the air to direct our attention to the coils of wire and sheets of
metal stored in tall shelves in the warehouse.

During our tour, we are introduced to the 3 Work Placement students that All Metals Products are currently hosting. Daryl interrupts our tour to give the students some advice on the task they’re doing. “I know you’re just eager but wait until this cools down,” he says placing his hands on the metal boxes and showing the students to feel the heat too. This approach is great for the students learning, leading back to what Confuscious said; ‘ I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’

As4 EDIT Blog Article.jpg we go on, Daryl talks about the different things he’s made and how he likes to show students different sections of the factory. “[The students] can get mundane jobs, but if you change [the task] every day they’re learning something.”

Hearing Daryl talk is an insight into how Work Placement works in the lives of those who host and supervise students. A lifetime of knowledge in an industry can be shared and utilised to inspire someone else for their future.

Daryl commends the students from Evans High School, as “the boys walk every day from the train station to here, that’s no easy feat. They’re hardworking and have a good interest.” He treats the students like capable workers, and shows them how to use different machines while we’re there.

“It depends on the work we’ve got, but we try to show [the students we host] different aspects of the factory and it impresses them. I think they enjoy it.”

SIP appreciates the involvement of All Metal’s with the Work Placement program, and if your class would like a tour of the facilities contact Kerrie and we can look at arranging this for you.

Find the All Metal Products website or contact us about hosting Work Placement.
3 EDIT Blog Article

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