Job Hunter #NotDoleBludger

Youth unemployment is at 13.1% and it’s time we had a reality check! National welfare organisation, the Brotherhood of St Laurence, has recently launched a new campaign challenging the unfair media coverage of young job seekers.

The market for jobs for young people is more difficult than ever, as entry level roles continually disappear and the number of careers estimated within a lifetime rise.

Brotherhood head Tony Nicholson said it was time to stand up for young unemployed who are too often stereotyped in public discussion.

“Let’s not replay the same old inaccurate story – that Australia’s young unemployed people are lazy and don’t want to work. From practical experience, I know this is far from the reality. Our young people know all too well that the passport to a good life in Australia is to work so they can achieve their goals and ambitions. As a baby boomer, I call for a new public narrative about the challenges young jobseekers face today. Being young and hunting for work in Australia has significantly changed from when this generation’s parents and grandparents were young.”

Watch the campaign video below. Find more information in their media release.

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