Inspiring the Future off to a flying start!

It’s been a great start to the national Inspiring the Future campaign. In the first 3 weeks we have had 11 Associations join up and volunteers are signing up at around 6 per day! We have volunteers from Macquarie Bank, YMCA, the Department of Education, Fairfax Media and many more wonderful organisations, offering their time to speak to students in schools and broaden their career horizons.

Please help spread the word to help us reach our goal of 1000 volunteers by our launch in April! 

Do you know people who could spare one hour a year to share their career journey in schools? Encourage them to sign up at 

UK Volunteer Matthew Carlisle says about being involved in Inspiring the Future, “Becoming a volunteer has been very rewarding; through our activities as ambassadors we have helped to inform a number of young people about the possibilities of careers in the NHS. By attending such events we have also found the added benefit of finding potential candidates for our yearly intake of apprentices and have successfully recruited through our attendance to careers events.

The involvement in volunteering is flexible and only needs to be as often as you feel you are capable, it is not by any means a huge task and is actually very enjoyable. I usually attend events with one of my many colleagues who also volunteer for various organisations, this way we can help each other out if we get a tricky question.”



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