Gender segregation is still a huge issue within the Australian job market

In an article recently published by ABC News, journalist Justine Parker discusses the failures of Australia in addressing this gender segregation and what may be causing it. “Figures from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) show Australia’s jobs market is highly gender-segregated, and the situation has barely changed in the past 20 years.” In light of the social advances Australia would hope to be making in this age, this data is alarming.

“WGEA director Libby Lyons suggests that ‘gender segregation is actually getting worse, that we are not encouraging young women to look to industries other health care and social assistance, and vice versa, we are not encouraging men to look at the more female-dominated industries – that are growth areas.’

While not a band-aid solution, the Inspiring the Future campaign can work to improve these statistics and encourage Australia’s future generation of workers to embrace jobs that have historically been done by the opposite sex.

Are you passionate about changing the gender segregation in the Australia workforce?

Sign up as a volunteer at

Read the full ABC article here

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