1. Watch other employee behaviour and be discerning

    While often the behaviour of more established employees can teach you lots about what needs to be done and how to overcome obstacles in a workplace, often this can teach bad habits as well. Be mindful when copying the methods or taking the suggestions of other employees. If you have a gut feeling that something might not be okay – don’t do it and find another way!

  2. Ask for opportunities to learn more


    If there’s something you don’t know that it would be useful for you to know, don’t be shy about asking how to do something. By learning every process and job you can, you increase your flexibility to get things done quickly and without intervention in the workplace. Be mindful of when you ask, however, quiet times are generally times for learning and busy times are usually times to do what you can to help.

  3. Take note of every answer and instruction you get

    Never have to ask the same questions twice and you’ll learn how to work autonomously very quickly. Don’t just ask what is next to do, ask how you do it best and make sure you understand the whole process.

  4. Don’t be afraid to suggest ideas, even if they’re not chosen

    Being a 5-star employee means being willing to try and fail. When a problem is being solved within your team, be bold in suggesting ideas! Even if your idea doesn’t get selected, taking the initiative and thinking of an option is a worthwhile part of the process, and demonstrates your willingness to get things done and solves issues quickly.

  5. Take opportunities to be invaluable

    Don’t be afraid to take on a role or job that makes you invaluable to your employer. Being profitable and productive means that letting you go would damage the business! Take on new responsibility if it’s offered or invent something you can be an expert in that helps everyone!

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