At Schools Industry Partnership (SIP), in mid-March, 11 Year 12 Work Placement students from various schools came to be involved in an exciting new initiative – Project Blitz. The large group of students were hosted altogether by SIP to simulate a small team-based workplace. Students were given different task lists relative to their different disciplines and assigned a supervisor for the week from the SIP staff.

Students were instrumental in clearing a large volume of work that had been pushed back many times due to other priorities. Projects included such things as updating and configuring all staff computers and tablets, creating a 2019 calendar for our Work Placement management, updating the staff phone list, coming up with designs for our expo stalls, doing IT testing and designing T-shirts for job seeking.

DSC_0365As a part of Project Blitz, SIP also hosted 3 ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions with Inspiring the Future Australia speakers. We were privileged to hear from Amanda Jackson from LG Electronics, John Matthews from I Finance and Scott Knight from Classic Home Improvements.

DSC_0392All speakers came from different backgrounds and shared different stories and experiences. The students especially appreciated hearing about Amanda’s experience failing school and how that hasn’t stopped her from hearing big money and travelling the world now; how John helps his clients invest their money and move from Pizza delivery guy to millionaire investor and the pros and cons of contracting versus being an employee from Scott.

Thanks to all the students and speakers involved in our first ever Project Blitz! We look forward to having an even bigger and better Blitz next time.

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