Last week ITF volunteer Shane Hickey, Head of HR at Flower Power, came and spoke to our youth transitions participants about his career journey and some tips for getting hired. He shared insightful knowledge about his own hiring process, what happens when you submit a resume for a job and what he looks for in an interview.
Shane especially emphasized being teachable, he said “It doesn’t matter if I’m interviewing for a senior management or for a retail assistant. There’s only 2 things I look for; that they’re going to have respect for the people they work for and that they turn up on time. Everything else I can teach people.” This was an important lesson for everyone in the room, as it showed how no matter where you’re starting from your can achieve and move forward.
The young people attending shared the kinds of industry they were interested in, and he was able to give them more targeted advice, as well as encourage them that getting there takes time.


“Maybe the job isn’t 100% what you want but you can work that to your

advantage as the first step.” Shane also emphasized the need to find your passion, saying, “Find that thing inside that spurs you on and it’ll take you places. You might want to make jewellery but if you start working in a jewellery shop, that will take you onward.”

Thanks very much to Shane for coming and sharing his wisdom and experience with the young people at SIP.

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