We all know first impressions count, and we’re all guilty of judging a book by its cover when it comes to relationships or picking a place to eat or especially where we’re going to work. This is true for employers as well and the first impression you make has a significant impact on the rest of your interactions with them. Whether this is going for an interview, handing in a resume or even doing a voluntary work placement in their workplace; no matter the situation considering how you come across is an easy way to start ahead.

But how can you make a good impression no matter what? Check out our simple tips and try them out!

  1. Seek out the right person straight away

While when you go into a business to hand in a resume it seems easier to drop it into whoever is at the counter, asking for the Manager, Owner or Supervisor to hand it to them leaves a lasting impression. This also gives you the opportunity to talk about your availability or even say something short about why you’d like to work in this particular business. If you’re heading to the site for an interview or work placement, don’t just expect whoever you see first to know who you are or why you’re there. Make sure you introduce yourself and say why you’re there. If you know the name of your interviewer or supervisor tell them that also! Sound scary? Try starting with “Hello, My name is Adam and I’m here to see Jodie for an interview for the carpentry apprenticeship.”

  1. Greet with a handshake, a smile and eye contact

Want to come across confident and warm even if you’re not feeling it? This is the way! Greeting people you meet with a handshake and a smile, and comfortably looking them in the eye starts things on a professional level and is always a respectful way to introduce yourself. Generally, you’d exchange name over the handshake, or perhaps if you’ve just been introduced go for a ‘nice to meet you’ handshake.

  1. Be on time

Simple but massively impressive, turning up not only on time but 5 minutes early shows that you care about the opportunity. If you’re late to the interview or to your placement, the association is immediately made that you will be late for work if employed. Ensuring you leave extra time to get to a place for a first appointment, trial, interview or the like will put you in better stead that turning quoting a late bus or traffic – even if these things are the true reason you’re late.

  1. Dress appropriately and professionally

This doesn’t mean going out of your way to become a different person, but simply adhering to the dress standard of the place you’re visiting or job you’re interviewing for. Try speaking to the reception before your interview to ascertain the dress code, or call your placement supervisor for a guideline or even visit the shop or café to see what their staff wear.

There are many other ways to make a great first impression, but starting with these simple tips will get you in the door and give you a positive platform to win that job.

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