Starting out? Our job coaches share their expert advice

Our Youth Transitions service helps hundreds of young people make a plan for their future and take essential first steps into employment. We have a wonderful group of experienced job coaches who work hard to support and empower their young people every day!

We asked for some of their sage advice for you to get a jump-start too

Be as honest as you can about your lifestyle

Be honest with yourself (and/or your coach) about what motivates you, your interests, challenges or barriers and daily routines. This will help to find the right match and pathway for you to ensure they are on the right track to work towards a successful future whether it be through employment or further education. If it’s important to you to walk your dog every afternoon – working at a restaurant from 2pm until Midnight wouldn’t be a good fit!

Set little, achievable goals along the path of your employment/education journey

Make sure you celebrate the little wins of the journey, as this ensures you remain motivated and always have something to work towards. Setting small goals along the way gives you a sense of achievement even if you’re not yet at the stage of being employed or starting your course, stopping you from getting disheartened.

Take action

Success only comes through consistent action. We have all heard that “the end” only arrives when we stop trying, the same applies when job searching. You may call 25 employers before you get a lucky break, a family member may connect you with someone after you contact them numerous times or you may apply for a number of jobs before you get a call back. The secret is in taking action.

Always follow up your applications

When applying for a job online or via email, ALWAYS ring an employer to make sure they received your resume and know you are interested. It’s the first way to make a good impression.

Trust in the process

If you come to our Youth Transitions service we have a variety of different stages, workshops and resources you could be involved in. Even if you believe you’re ready to just get a job – trust in the process it takes to get job ready. Our coaches know where you’re at and they want to make sure your chances of success are as high as can be before you go for your dream job.

Looking for more personal support to get employed and create your own sustainable future? Call us on 1800 912 611 or contact us on Facebook for more information.

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