Last week the organisation Skillsroad came into Schools Industry Partnership, and worked with a group of our young people on a career exploration activity. Skillsroad is an initiative of the NSW Business Chamber that aims to help Australia’s youth; their parents and teacher, to navigate the career planning process and foster a meaningful transition into work or further study. In this particular session, they helped our participants go through their great Career Quiz, that helps young people choose a job that matches them!
The intention of the session was to assist each participant in exploring different career ideas, giving them some inspiration for what their goals could be. With the help of Skillsroad, each participant did the Career Quiz that assessed their working styles, strengths and motivators to find out what type of working personality they have.
img_1919.jpgUsing this information, they searched through a number of careers that matched their personality to see what kinds of careers they might enjoy and be good at. Many young people discovered new career paths they had never heard of with this activity, broadening their horizons to the possibilities of their future. This was especially helpful for participants who were struggling with direction, as there were clear recommendations for them to explore or reflect on further.
For many of our young people, it’s not that they are not motivated to start, but that they’re unsure of what to start and this, coupled with other barriers, can be very crippling. Our coaches work with young people both one-on-one and in group workshops and sessions to help overcome these barriers and discover the right path for every young person.
From this Skillsroad exercise, the attending participants were able to set a few individual goals for what they hope to achieve in the next couple of weeks. During the session, Skillsroad gave out prizes to those young people who identified a possible career goal, reinforcing positivity around work and careers! The session was a great opportunity for our young people, and we were so pleased to see they got so much out of it.
15-24 and looking for work? Youth Transition at Schools Industry Partnership has personal coaching, job skills, application support and more just for you! Contact us to find out more or come into one of our shops today.

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